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Memorize these words. " Learn this spelling rule. " " Don't forget the quiz tomorrow. " You remember things every day , but how do you do it

You find a telephone number in the phone book, dial it, and then forget it. This is your short-term memory. It lasts less than 30 seconds. ( There are 60 seconds in a minute. ) However, you don't look in the phone book for a friend's number. You know it. This is long-term memory. Your long-term memory has everything that you remember

Why do you forget something? What is the reason? You did not learn it in the beginning. This is the major reason for forgetting. For example, you meet some new people, and you forget their names. You hear the names, but you do not learn them. Then you forget them

You can remember better. Here are some ideas

Move information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. Practice the information. Say the information to yourself. Think about it. Spend time on it

overlearn. After you learn something, study it some more. Learn it more than you need to. For example, when you know a list of new words, don't stop. Practice the words a few more times

Be sure that you understand the information. It is difficult to memorize something you don't understand

Do only one thing at a time. Study in a quiet place. You cannot listen to music or people and memorize at the same time

Try to connect the new information with something you already know. For example, when you learn the name of a new kind of food, think of a similar kind of food

Divide the information into parts. Do not have more than seven parts. learn one part and stop for a few minutes. Don't try to learn all the parts at the same time

Make a picture in your mind. For example, maybe you see a new word. It is a kind of furniture. Make a picture in your mind of this furniture in a room. Remember what it looks like

try to relax when you study. Enjoy it. You cannot remember things when you are tired or unhappy

Some people have a photographic memory. They see everything like a picture. Later they can see the picture in their mind again and describe everything in it. They can remember long lists of numbers and thousands of other things. Would you like to have a photographic memory

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